Green Flag and Bristol in Bloom Awards

Queen Square has won the prestigious Green Flag award, a recognition and reward for the best green spaces in the country, high environmental standards and a benchmark of excellence in recreational green areas. To win this award, green spaces must be freely accessible to the public, and are judged to be welcoming and well maintained with the support and involvement of the local community. Green Heritage Site accreditation is judged on the treatment of the site's historic features and the standard of conservation. Find out more about these prestigious awards at the Green Flag website. The Green Flag award scheme is managed by The Civic Trust (, a national charity which aims to inspire and promote improvements in the quality urban life for everyone. Queen Square features prominently on the City in Bloom judging route and our work is rewarded with regular Gold Standards from 2005 to 2009.

Cyclists & Pedestrians

Few accidents and incidents between cyclist and pedestrians have been reported since 2007 and along with the Cycling Team we have concluded not to make changes to our current designs.
“The square as a whole acts an informal 'shared space'. As such, you should expect to see pedestrians throughout this area even over the block work and give way to more vulnerable users, such as pedestrians and the disabled. The space is designed to work in much the same way as a busy European square or plaza. Members of the public cross the space in a variety of directions and on a multitude of different modes of transport, this is why we have not been prescriptive in our method of directing people. When we have undertaken more prescriptive lanes or signing in the past people tend to act in a more territorial way with the space they are allocated. As regards the implementation of signing, the square was designed with the idea of 'anti-clutter' as a firm principal. As such this is why small cycle symbol blocks was selected. We hope this goes someway to explaining why this method was chosen." Francis Mann, Walking & Cycling Project Officer 0117 9036840.

Local sponsorship opportunities.

New sponsorship opportunities exist to support the increasingly popular music and theatre performances, replace trees damaged by storms, install more bird boxes, to install more seating and to help publish a leaflet detailing the history of the square. For further information City Centre Spaces Manager Jerry Baker, City Centre Spaces Manager, on 0117 903 9061 or email

Nature Trail

Queen Square features prominently on the City Centre Nature Trail. Click Here for the nature trail map and information.

Queen Square Management Plan 2007-2017

The Queen Square Management Plan 2007-2017 is now published and it identifies the key issues affecting the square; sets out a ‘vision’ for future management with aims and objectives; establishes an action plan and process for ongoing consultation and performance monitoring. The plan will be key to the effective management and future development of the square and will be reviewed and updated annually by Council Officers and the Queen Square Association. If you would like to know more about this, get involved in the review or simply make any comments please contact the City Centre Spaces Manager,

The management plan and results of recent public consultation may be viewed by appointment at Metcalfes Solicitors, 46-48 Queen Square. The plan can also be viewed and downloaded at

Queen Square Association Update

The Queen Square Association has been very active this year and continues to liaise with both Bristol City Council and the Police on ways to improve the square for those that live and work in the surrounding area.

A number of social events have also been organised by the Association’s trustees, Martino Burgess and Natasha Bliss both of Metcalfes Solicitors. The New Year Quiz Night was a great success. The Petanque League is set to take place again in May, with over 40 businesses taking part. And this autumn will see the inaugural Queen Square Association Golf Day take place in September.

More benches please!

The restoration scheme for Queen Square installed 30 high quality cast iron and hardwood timber benches. Public consultation revealed a demand for more seating and the city council recently installed a further six benches. The city council welcomes sponsorship from businesses for further seating. For further information contact Jerry Baker, City Centre Spaces Manager, on 0117 903 9061 or email

Improving safety and tackling crime and ASB in the square

The Safer Parks project has worked to take an evidence based approach to dealing with crime and ASB. In order for us to measure problems and improvements more accurately, some changes have been made. The police computer system did not register parks and green spaces as they do not have a post code. This meant that all calls made to 999 and non emergency numbers were not recorded in parks - leaving big information black holes. The system has now been updated to identify all parks and green spaces across the city, enabling more accurate reporting and subsequent deployment of police resources. By encouraging increased surveillance and reporting of incidents, as well as more active use of the parks and green spaces, it is hoped local people themselves will help maintain standards.

If you witness anti social behaviour in Queen Square please report it to either the 'It's Your Call' action line on 0845 605 2222 or the non-emergency police line on 0845 456 7000. Whilst a police response will not always be possible, these calls will help us build up a picture of hot spots and issues in the area and are extremely valuable in helping us reduce antisocial behaviour.

If you are aware of issues of vandalism, or have concerns generally about safety in the square, please call the parks public enquiries line on 0117 922 3719, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm (4.30pm Friday).

Police patrols increased

The square is regularly patrolled by a Police Beat Officers and Community Support Officers (PCSO's). The PCSO evening patrols have been increased and are better coordinated with the wider Harbourside police operations. The city council, Police and Queen Square Association are planning to set up a Business Watch Scheme in 2008 which will also assess the feasibility and costs of CCTV. Danny Campbell is the local PCSO and can be contacted on 0117 9455023.

Thunderbolt Square completed

The work at Thunderbolt Square is now complete and the square is now a busy and informal space, with a cafe lending a European feel to this corner of the city centre. The final phase of the work, which included community consultation, saw the reconnection of Queen Square with the city centre promenade. The works comprised:

Parks and green space strategy

The Parks and Green Space Strategy (P&GSS) outlines a 20 year investment programme for the future provision of green space and the facilities and services that should be provided. The strategy is part of a wider focus on how the city as a whole will develop. Work is currently taking place to produce the Bristol Development Framework (BDF), a new planning framework for the city and it is anticipated that the P&GSS standards will be incorporated into the adopted BDF. Additionally, the strategy supports the council’s Balanced and Sustainable Communities and Green Capital initiatives.

Consultation has ben taking place over the Summer and more information can be found at

Queen Square added to domestic dry recycling route

The square is now included in the weekly domestic dry recyclable collection route. For further information, contact Steve Sparks, Community Cleansing Officer, on 0117 922 3838 or email: